Thursday, March 24, 2011

Misery Obscura Tour: FIEND Art & Photography of Eerie Von

"Eerie Von launched a pledge drive on Kickstarter for his "Misery Obscura: The ART and Photography of Eerie Von Event Tour.” The pledge drive officially began March 9th, 2011, after a three day preview launch for fans. Kickstarter is a funding site powered by a unique all-or-nothing funding method. Eerie's project must be fully-funded by April 8, 2011, 9:00pm EDT or no money changes hands.

Best known as the Bass player from Samhain and Danzig, Eerie Von photographed everything from The Misfits’ humble beginnings, as the band's unofficial photographer, to the heights of Danzig's stadium-rock glory alongside metal superstars such as Metallica. The collection of photos were in part documented in Von's recent Book release, "Misery Obscura: The Photography of Eerie Von (1981-2006),” which is reaching the end of stock for it's second printing via Dark Horse Publications. A collection best described by fans as “an essential visual document of music history,” thematically tied to these punk rock roots, the book also loosely introduces his “Fiend Art,” which he's been painting full time since 1998.

Unexpectedly, common fan response to this inclusion has included, “My one complaint...not enough of Eerie Von’s Fiend Art... His artwork is “incredible”. I honestly want some on my wall...It does make me happy that he is getting back out into the world and spooking things up...come on Eerie, we want more.”

In response, the Multimedia Tour is tentatively slated for late-2011. A first of its kind for this road veteran, Eerie's Art Tour is to include seven to ten cities in the US. Yet to be finalized, the tour is entirely dependent on the initial start-up goal being met by Kickstarter “pledges.” As an added incentive for support from the Kickstarter community and his fans, Eerie is offering series companions on an exclusive or limited edition availability for those who back the Project."

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