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Classic albums: Walk Among Us

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More pictures from outside the show/signing

From the signing yesterday

Set list from last night at House of Blues in Boston

Pictures from tonight in Boston: Part 01

I promised these guys that I'd post these tonight, so here you go!

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Danzig interview: Portland Phoenix

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I also got this today

BLOG AMONG US EXCLUSIVE #2: An interview with Eerie Von

Tell us about your new book "Misery Obscura", and everything else you've been up to recently.

"I have a New CD out, "Kinda Country" and all my "Fiend Art"paintings have been selling, for the last 11 years. Check them out on Ebay, just type in "Eerie Von".

The Book is about me, and my musical career from High School, to now. It has a lot of Pictures and stories of the bands I was in, and were friends with, and Toured with.

When did you first take an interest in photography?

"when I was 8-10 my Dad got a Good Camera from Japan, so he showed me how to use it, and taught me what he knew. Around 12 -13 I started shooting all the time"

Any advice for people just getting into photography?

"It's a difficult field to get your foot in the door. Just shoot as much as you can, and develop your eye. Now with Photo shop, any one can do it, so it's hard to get noticed."

Was it hard getting permission from Glenn to publish all the photos in your new book? Or did you not even need his permission?

"I didn't need anyone's permission, and I didn't ask."

Why after 11 or so years of playing in bands with Glenn did you leave Danzig in 1995?

"I wasn't happy there anymore."

Glenn has stated that his original intent was to have a revolving door lineup for Danzig that would involve having different musicians on each album. Was this something you were aware of during the early days before recording the first Danzig album? Were you expecting to be replaced after the first album?

"That was never the intent at all. Originally when Glenn and I formed Samhain, we thought we would do that. It was never discussed in Danzig. Glenn and I wanted a New Band. Chuck Left, and JC and I quit, about 8 Months later. He had to find new guys."

Why weren't you asked to play during the 1999 Samhain "reunion"?

"I was asked, but said I wouldn't do it without the Guitar player Damian.
Steve Zing said he'd never do it without me."

What's your most memorable experience from your time in Samhain (or any of your bands for that matter)?

"Everything from Samhain was memorable. In Danzig there was so much memorable shit it's ridiculous

How about Being Friends with and Touring with: Metallica, Slayer, White Zombie, Soundgarden, Type O Negative, Black Sabbath, Marilyn Manson, Korn, blah blah blah"

Do you regret anything you did during your younger years (Rosemary's Babies, Samhain, etc)?


What is your current relationship like with Glenn and the rest of the people in bands who you've spent time with (Rosemary's Babies, Misfits, Samhain, Danzig)?

"I still speak to Craig, and Bob from RB, as well as Chuck from Danzig, and Jerry and Doyle, Bobby Steele,
and Franche' Coma from the Misfits"

If you had a chance to reform any of the bands you were involved in, which one would it be?

"I wouldn't change a thing"

What are your musical influences (aside from Elvis obviously)?

"Everything and anything. Blues, Doo-Wop, Motown, Punk, Country, Classical."

Have you ever considered selling high quality prints of some of your photos? I'd imagine that they'd sell very well if made available...

"Prints from the Book will be available shortly."

Ever thought of releasing a book of your fiend art?

"Yes, I'd like to"

Do you plan on doing any touring in the near future?

"Yes I'd like to do that too"

Can we expect a follow up to Misery Obscura?

"There are no plans. You're lucky it came out at all. It's not as easy as you think."

Any other current/future plans you have that you'd like to share?

"I will continue to paint everyday, make music, and keep doing what I've been doing for the last 27 years.

Hopefully I'll get back out on the Road, so I can meet the people who are interested in my stuff,
and personally thank them for buying it all."

"Contact me at: or on Myspace or Facebook, or"

You can buy Eerie's new album "Kinda Country" HERE
and his new book "Misery Obscura" HERE

Just got mine in the mail...

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Danzig: Photo update

Samhain: Photo update

Misfits: Photo update

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Danzig - Pushead Interview

Pushead interviews Glenn Danzig. Judging by some of the conversation, I'd assume that this was conducted in 1986 because they discuss November-Coming-Fire, but at the same time acknowledge that Glenn is still doing Samhain. Just my guess.
This interview is almost 3 hours long, and is relatively hard to find. Enjoy!

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New Danzig interview with streaming audio of new song "The Revengeful"

Versatility, dedication, and a brutal sense of keeping things honest are a few ways one could describe Glenn Danzig. For over thirty years Danzig has changed and influenced more music genres than one could even imagine while always keeping his integrity intact. From the horror punk styling of The Misfits to the evolutionary path of Samhain to Danzig, Glenn has kept us guessing what is next while in the same breath always staying true to his fans. You would be hard pressed to find any bands that in some form or another have not been influenced by the work he has put out. Like a tidal wave all these projects have grown at their own rate and swept aside the scenery that the mainstream constructors have built through the years and left behind a new horizon for us to look forward to. There were never any apologies or explanations like you seem to see in so many spineless "artists" but rather an uncompromising persistence in everything the Glenn did. Albums such as 'Lucifuge', 'How the Gods Kill', and much more seemed to take chances that most would be too scared to try, coupled with a voice I can only describe as Elvis meets Jim Morrison made them truly stand outs. This mentality of course didn't just apply to his vast music compositions; it also was fully demonstrated with the launch of his very own comic book company, Verotik. This was not your average run of the mill superhero in spandex comics, rather a very sexual, dark, depraved, and disturbing vision that with every issue had you itching for more. Glenn has always been one to do things his way and man did he always take us for a ride we wouldn't soon forget.

This brings us to 2010 and what seems to be Glenn's biggest year to date. Danzig is back and more determined than ever as he returns with a brand new album, 'Deth red Sabaoth', and this album stands to be his best work to date in my opinion. The album, in true Danzig form, is full of surprises and familiar faces as it marks the return of metal icon guitarist Tommy Victor of Prong and Johnny Kelly of Type O Negative and Seventh Void. However that is not all that is brewing Danzig's epic year, he has teamed up yet again with artist Simon Bisely to release a graphic collection of lost lyrics entitled "Hidden Lyrics" that is sure to make a sweet ending to every Danzig fan's wet dream. I had the honor of sitting down with Glenn and talking about what is in store for him, so ladies and gents sit back as I give you an interview with one of my own personal heroes; Glenn Danzig:

Read the interview by clicking HERE

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Danzig on the cover of Rue Morgue!

Glenn Danzig will be featured on the cover of Rue Morgue issue #1.

"In addition to the face-to-face interview and exclusive photo shoot he granted us, the 9-page feature also includes a review of Deth Red Sabaoth, a sidebar interview with Danzig collaborator Simon Bisley and Danzig himself talking about his 3 favourite comics. There's also a Classic Cut one-page essay on the importance of Danzig II:Lucifuge and a giveaway to 10 new RM subscribers, who will each receive an autographed copy of the Lyrics from the Left Hand lyric book.

This is INDEED "The Danzig Issue" of Rue Morgue and a definitive piece on the man and the band. Further to that, Glenn is going to be an honoured guest at our Festival of Fear horror expo held at the Toronto Metropolitan Convention Centre in Toronto, Canada August 27th to 29th."

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Glenn Danzig: 2010 Noisecreep Interview

From his work in the Misfits to Samhain to his solo efforts in the eponymous Danzig, Glenn Danzig has contributed volumes upon volumes to the metal canon. Hell, his first three solo albums are back-to-back-to-back essentials -- and some of the genre's most important releases. Danzig will release his first new album in six years, 'Deth Red Sabaoth,' on June 22.

I chatted with Danzig himself about shooting videos, his comic book publishing house, his ride and of course, Jersey and the Misfits. I've also been listening to the album, which has a classic rock guitar sound -- but it's still anchored by Glenn's throaty roar. It's a keeper, that's for sure.

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Glenn Danzig: Vice Magazine Interview

Most performers have to span a gap between their public image and their private life, but Glenn Danzig has to jump between two distinct public versions of himself. Think of the disconnect between the cheesy camp of his “Mother” video and the lurid power of the song itself. Occult Glenn earns public ridicule to almost the same degree that Songwriter Glenn earns praise, like an actor who wins a Razzie and an Oscar in the same week. When I mentioned this interview in an email to a friend, the friend wrote, “You don’t really think of Danzig as someone you get to ask actual questions of.”

Because I’d been scheduled for an interview, and not a jam session, I’d steeled myself for all variety of Occult Danzig worst-case scenarios. This was needless worry. Glenn met me at his Los Angeles office with a friendly nod and a handshake. No hooded Metalocalypse minions guarded the periphery. In person, that legendary voice was a shade smokier than I’d expected, still marked with traces of a Jersey accent, like an off-duty James Gandolfini. He led me into his dimly lit inner sanctum, turned down Fox News on a TV in the corner, and motioned for me to take a chair. Only at that moment did it occur to me that I’d just stepped into a dark room with Glenn Danzig.

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