Saturday, January 30, 2010

Glenn Danzig - Penny Blood Magazine Interview

Navigating multiple forms of media, but predominantly known for musical compositions, Glenn Danzig will, most likely, be forever associated with a sonic landscape that aliens, demons, succubae, and serial killers all roam in twisted harmony. His voice is situated somewhere between Elvis and Jim Morrison, distinct and versatile across tonal ranges. As a songwriter, his talents have inspired some of the very icons who first inspired him. Working with a DIY my way or the highway flair, he succeeded in not simply surviving a cutthroat business, but earning a luminary place in entertainment history. Further spreading his demon wings to encompass books, film and more, his work seems almost unbounded within the horror genre. Now in his early fifties, the guy is still running strong, bucking commercialism as he did thirty years ago, and delivering plenty of menacing entrées for those who dare to feast...

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Friday, January 29, 2010

The Misfits - 12 Hits From Hell

01. Halloween
02. Vampira
03. I Turned Into A Martian
04. Skulls
05. London Dungeon
06. Night Of The Living Dead
07. Horror Hotel
08. Ghouls Night Out
09. Astro Zombies
10. Where Eagles Dare
11. Violent World
12. Halloween 2
13. London Dungeon (Take 2)

Originally scheduled for release on October 30th, 2001, "Misfits 12 Hits From Hell" would have been the latest release of all original Misfits material; a complete group of songs from the MSP sessions recorded August 7th, 1980. Just like the "Static Age" album, "12 Hits From Hell" was originally slated to be a full length Misfits album. Instead the songs were never released as a whole but instead they were split up and put out separately; some released on an original 7-inch EP (3 Hits from Hell), some ended up on bootlegs, some the collection CD's and eventually most of the songs ended up in different areas on the Misfits Box Set. Strange enough, it wasn't until the release of the Misfits Box Set put out in 1996 that all of these songs were available to the general public for the first time. But even then the songs were shuffled sporadically between the different CD's in the box set and the mixes of the songs did not match up with each other...

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Samhain - November-Coming-Fire Tour Flyer

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Eerie Von on the Danzig Hotline

01. Buick McKane
02. Cold, Cold Rain
03. Hoochie Coochie Man
04. Killer Wolf
05. Pain Is Like An Animal
06. Spoonful
07. Eerie Von and John Christ Quit Danzig

Danzig - Satan's Child promos

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Danzig - Live - 02-12-93 @ Universal Amphitheatre Los Angeles, CA

01. Godless
02. Left Hand Black
03. Snakes Of Christ
04. Am I Demon
05. How The Gods Kill
06. Mother
07. Dirty Black Summer
08. Sistinas
09. Her Black Wings
10. Pain In The World
11. She Rides
12. Do You Wear The Mark
13. 777
14. Evil Thing
15. Twist Of Cain
16. Long Way Back From Hell

Monday, January 25, 2010

The Misfits - Live - 11-20-81 @ On Broadway San Fransisco, CA

The Evilive album was a collection of live songs taken from 2 separate live sets. This is one of those sets.
*=This version appears on Evilive

01. Mommy...Can I Go Out And Kill Tonight?
02. London Dungeon
03. Astro Zombies
04. Devil's Whorehouse*
05. All Hell Breaks Loose*
06. Horror Hotel*
07. Ghouls Night Out
08. Hatebreeders
09. We Are 138 (Featuring Henry Rollins)*
10. Bullet
11. Attitude
12. Teenagers From Mars

Samhain: Flyer 09/16/84 @ Ricky's Canteena - Bloomington, IN

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Part 01 of a live Danzig set from 1999 during the Samhain reunion tour

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Danzig - Live @ City Gardens in Trenton, NJ - 04-09-88 (First Show)

01. Samhain/Twist Of Cain
02. Mother Of Mercy
03. Am I Demon
04. London Dungeon
05. She Rides
06. Black Dream
07. End Of Time
08. To Walk The Night
09. Halloween 2
10. Mother
11. The Hunter
12. Evil Thing
13. Horror Biz
14. The Shift
15. Trouble
16. Not Of This World
17. Def Jam Rap
18. Danzig Interview

Friday, January 22, 2010

Samhain - Reunion 1999

(Left to right) Steve Zing, Glenn Danzig, London May, Todd Youth

(Left to right) Todd Youth, Glenn Danzig, Steve Zing, London May

Glenn Danzig - Vocals on all tracks
Todd Youth - Guitar on all tracks except 1 and 6
Steve Zing - Drums on tracks 2-5, Bass on tracks 7-12
London May - Drums on tracks 7-12, Bass on tracks 2-5
Tracks 1 and 6 are sound bytes that were played over the P.A.
01. Initium
02. Samhain/Black Dream
03. All Murder, All Guts, All Fun
04. He-Who-Cannot-Be-Named
05. Unholy Passion/All Hell
06. Misery Tomb
07. To Walk The Night
08. In My Grip
09. Mother Of Mercy
10. Halloween 2
11. November's Fire
12. The Birthing

Samhain - Live At The VFW #18 in KC, MO 09-21-84

01. All Murder, All Guts, All Fun
02. Macabre
03. Samhain
04. The Shift
05. The Howl
06. Die Die My Darling
07. Moribund
08. Halloween 2
09. I Am Misery
10. Horror Biz
11. He-Who-Cannot-Be-Named
12. Encore Clapping
13. The Hungry End
14. Who Killed Marilyn?

Static Age promos

Left to right: Glenn Danzig, Mr. Jim, Franche Coma, Jerry Only

Glenn Danzig

Jerry Only

Franche Coma

Mr. Jim

Thursday, January 21, 2010


You were the last person to play drums for the classic Misfits lineup (Glenn Danzig/Doyle/Jerry Only). Tell us the story of what happened that night: Why Brian Damage only played one song, how you got the opportunity to play in his place, and why that set led to the demise of The Misfits:

"The Necros were opening that night which was at the Greystone in Detroit on Devil's Night. Glenn got a bunch of Gin before the show and started to drink, as did Brian Damage. Jerry and Doyle were not hanging out with everyone else, it seemed like they were already arguing or something. Brian got way too drunk and could not play at all and Doyle grabbed him and tossed him out in the alley and everyone starts yelling for me to play. Brian was using my drums anyway and I had already played a show for them in NYC a year earlier after Googy had quit but before Robo came in. Jerry and Glenn argued after the show about Brian and Glenn being quite drunk himself, he threw up onstage when they went on. They were going to take me to Germany with them but they broke up instead and that was that. Poor Brian had to drive back to New Jersey with them in that toxic environment, it must have sucked!"

How do you think you played considering it was an impromptu performance?

"I thought I played quite well actually, I was already warmed up after our set and Misfits drumming is not nearly as complex as the stuff I was playing with the Necros. I was the only logical choice to sit in. I remember that I refused to play Earth A.D. material, I never listened to that album anyway and I was not totally familiar with the songs."

I've read that your band "The Necros" played with The Misfits many times over the years. Are there any stories in particular that stand out in your mind that you wouldn't mind sharing?

"The Necros played with the Misfits many, many times. Most memorable would be Bob's Place in L.A. with Social D in the middle of the bill. This place was in Watts and the brothers in the hood did not dig it at all. All the bands had to call the cops to get out of the club afterward with our money, which for us was like 50 bux! I got to do a sound check for them when we opened up in NYC for the Halloween show, Googy was stuck on the subway. I sat in for a whole set a few months later at Irving Plaza before the whole Robo era. Beastie Boys opened. Seeing them and opening up in Detroit at Bookies for the first time was great!"

Do you still keep in touch with Glenn, Doyle, and Jerry?

"I see Jerry at shows every few years and I usually sit in on a song. Doyle is not in the band anymore and I have not seen Glenn in years."

What have you been up to lately? Any new musical projects?

"I moved to Northern California 4 years ago but I am still in a band based in Toledo called Boogaloosa Prayer. We are punk rock blues and gospel. Dig it..."

Well, thank you so much for taking the time to answer these questions!

"Thank you! Keep in touch and Cheers, TS"