Thursday, February 18, 2010

Glenn Danzig talks about each song on Lucifuge

Glenn Danzig recently talked about the songs on Lucifuge, Danzig's second album on Def American Recordings, produced by Rick Rubin, and released in June 1990.

Long Way Back From Hell: "What happens when you're doing something you're not prepared to pay the consequences for. If it's too hot in hell, then don't sign up."

Snakes Of Christ: "The Catholics and the Baptists have perverted the teachings of Christ. Worshiping their version of Christ could be considered by some to be as bad as worshiping Satan."

Killer Wolf: "My version of an old blues song about a guy who wolfs around the door of every girl in town. An old braggin' blues."

Tired Of Bein' Alive: "Self-explanatory."

I'm The One: "About a guy realizing his destiny. Another blues song. If you listen to them, all of my records have a bluesy feel to them. They're crazy and wild but also bluesy. Probably more on this record than ever before though."

Her Black Wings: "About women to the 10th power."

Devil's Plaything: "Control over another person."

777: "Armageddon. What exists after 666? The end."

Blood & Tears: "A girl's failed relationship and her subsequent torment."

Girl: "Sex to a new plateau."

Pain In The World: "The birth of Evil and its place in this existence."

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