Saturday, January 30, 2010

Glenn Danzig - Penny Blood Magazine Interview

Navigating multiple forms of media, but predominantly known for musical compositions, Glenn Danzig will, most likely, be forever associated with a sonic landscape that aliens, demons, succubae, and serial killers all roam in twisted harmony. His voice is situated somewhere between Elvis and Jim Morrison, distinct and versatile across tonal ranges. As a songwriter, his talents have inspired some of the very icons who first inspired him. Working with a DIY my way or the highway flair, he succeeded in not simply surviving a cutthroat business, but earning a luminary place in entertainment history. Further spreading his demon wings to encompass books, film and more, his work seems almost unbounded within the horror genre. Now in his early fifties, the guy is still running strong, bucking commercialism as he did thirty years ago, and delivering plenty of menacing entrées for those who dare to feast...

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