Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Misfits - Archangel (Demo from 1981)

Archangel was originally written for Dave Vanian of the Damned, by Glenn Danzig. He wanted to record it with him, so he recorded some demos to show him. This is one of them, recorded in 1981 by Glenn (vocals, guitar, drums) and Jerry Only (bass). Dave never ended up recording it with Glenn, but a different version than this one ended up on Samhain's "Initium" album.


  1. This isn't the Misfits version. Oops!

    Someone Who Knows

  2. I think I have to agree, this doesn't sound like the one recorded while the Misfits were still together. Intro is different and Glen says "Go" in the begining of this one, but on the Misfits recorded version I heard it was more of "Oh"

  3. I really wish Dave had recorded this with them... Would've been such a cool Plan 9 "Fits" release.... Of course later on Jerry tried to get Vanian in the new version of the band ... Dave stated in Flipside that Only wanted him to lift weights twice a day, live in their condo, and NOT get paid until the end of the tour.....!!! I wonder why Dave declined...? Ha ha!