Thursday, January 21, 2010


You were the last person to play drums for the classic Misfits lineup (Glenn Danzig/Doyle/Jerry Only). Tell us the story of what happened that night: Why Brian Damage only played one song, how you got the opportunity to play in his place, and why that set led to the demise of The Misfits:

"The Necros were opening that night which was at the Greystone in Detroit on Devil's Night. Glenn got a bunch of Gin before the show and started to drink, as did Brian Damage. Jerry and Doyle were not hanging out with everyone else, it seemed like they were already arguing or something. Brian got way too drunk and could not play at all and Doyle grabbed him and tossed him out in the alley and everyone starts yelling for me to play. Brian was using my drums anyway and I had already played a show for them in NYC a year earlier after Googy had quit but before Robo came in. Jerry and Glenn argued after the show about Brian and Glenn being quite drunk himself, he threw up onstage when they went on. They were going to take me to Germany with them but they broke up instead and that was that. Poor Brian had to drive back to New Jersey with them in that toxic environment, it must have sucked!"

How do you think you played considering it was an impromptu performance?

"I thought I played quite well actually, I was already warmed up after our set and Misfits drumming is not nearly as complex as the stuff I was playing with the Necros. I was the only logical choice to sit in. I remember that I refused to play Earth A.D. material, I never listened to that album anyway and I was not totally familiar with the songs."

I've read that your band "The Necros" played with The Misfits many times over the years. Are there any stories in particular that stand out in your mind that you wouldn't mind sharing?

"The Necros played with the Misfits many, many times. Most memorable would be Bob's Place in L.A. with Social D in the middle of the bill. This place was in Watts and the brothers in the hood did not dig it at all. All the bands had to call the cops to get out of the club afterward with our money, which for us was like 50 bux! I got to do a sound check for them when we opened up in NYC for the Halloween show, Googy was stuck on the subway. I sat in for a whole set a few months later at Irving Plaza before the whole Robo era. Beastie Boys opened. Seeing them and opening up in Detroit at Bookies for the first time was great!"

Do you still keep in touch with Glenn, Doyle, and Jerry?

"I see Jerry at shows every few years and I usually sit in on a song. Doyle is not in the band anymore and I have not seen Glenn in years."

What have you been up to lately? Any new musical projects?

"I moved to Northern California 4 years ago but I am still in a band based in Toledo called Boogaloosa Prayer. We are punk rock blues and gospel. Dig it..."

Well, thank you so much for taking the time to answer these questions!

"Thank you! Keep in touch and Cheers, TS"

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